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The Clean Beauty Blog is about beauty at its purest. It’s about products without the parabens, without the fillers, and without the synthetic chemicals. It’s about makeup and skincare that is good for you (i.e. works!), good for your health, and good for the environment.

The Clean Beauty Blog was created to fill a gap in the beauty blogosphere: it fuses the wholesome ethos of wellness blogs and natural & organic beauty sites with the sophistication, style and trend-based focus of conventional beauty websites and magazines. The blog features products ranging from health food shops to luxury cosmetics and skincare, and includes news, reviews, how-tos and trend spotting.

The Clean Beauty Blog Ethos

I take a ‘mostly’ approach to clean products: mostly clean, for most of the body, most of the time. This means products that I slather on every day like bodywash, shampoo and cleanser are as clean as possible - whilst allowing the occasional divergence for a night out in Chanel lipstick (although there are so many natural & organic alternatives out there now that these divergences are few and far between!).  

All featured products reviewed are purchased by me unless otherwise disclosed. Reviews are unbiased and unpaid for, and I will only post reviews of products that I have used and that I like.

I am based in Australia and will endeavour to feature products that are easily available worldwide or online, and will showcase trends & products relevant to and accessible in both hemispheres.


If you’re a beauty brand or PR representative interested in working with me for giveaways, product reviews, backstage coverage or blogger events, please get in touch at  If your product fits with the ethos of this site I’d love to work with you! The Clean Beauty Blog has a dedicated following of over 100,000 Tumblr followers and 7,000 Facebook fans (September 2012). 

Similarly, shoot me an email if you’re a reader and have any comments, questions, or special requests!  

Image Credits 

All images are linked or otherwise credited to their original source. If you are the owner of the original image and would prefer that the blog did not publish it, please let me know.