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REVIEW: The Green Balm

What: Natural skin care balm.

For: Like, sorta, everything. This is the clean version of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream - moisturiser, burns & bites soother, cleanser, treatment for cold sores, lip balm, hydration mask… seriously, EVERYTHING.

Review: First up, you know a product is clean when one of the suggested uses is to add it to hot water & gargle to soothe a sore throat. Try doing that with your conventional chemical laden products (actually, probably best not to do that…)! ‘Everything’ balms seem to have cropped up… everywhere, and this little pot of green is a brilliant addition to the range. The Green Balm is made of 100% natural, 100% organic herbs, and is chock-full of organic Yarrow, which according to my good friend Wikipedia is known as the ‘healing herb’ (it also told me it can be used fresh for nosebleeds, and that the aerial parts of the plant are used for phlegm conditions as a bitter digestive tonic to encourage bile flow. But let’s not go there). And beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soya bean oils are also in there to soften & nourish the skin. Its texture is like a waxy, thick balm that softens to an oily consistency when warmed between fingers. Because it’s quite a thick consistency you don’t need to use much at all - a little goes a long way! 

I have to admit I haven’t been particularly creative in my use of The Green Balm - I feel like I should have got burnt or bitten by something to really test it out… I was using it throughout winter for early morning walks when it was freeeezing - I’d slap some over my face before dashing out the door and it felt like my skin had been dunked in a vat of soothing moisturiser. I’m also looking forward to using it in summer after exposure to the sun & heat as I think it would feel lovely and cooling on skin. It’s also my go-to moisturiser when I’ve been a little too rigorous with product testing and my skin is feeling a bit overwhelmed: when I apply this it tells my face to CHILL THE F OUT. And I used it as a cleanser once or twice, it did a great job of removing makeup and left skin feeling nice and soft. I don’t think I’d use it every day as a cleanser just because there are probably better value options out there, but it would be great to take on the plane as you could use it to cleanse then moisturise. 

And that’s probably the sweetest thing about this little pot: chuck it in your handbag and you have a product that works as a lip balm, cleanser, moisturiser, soothing & hydrating mask, and about a zillion other uses. Perfect if you’re staying overnight somewhere and don’t want to take a thousand bottles with you or travelling overseas and don’t want to decant everything into teeny containers to take onto the plane. 

I feel like I’ve banged on enough for now (I don’t want to drive you balmy), but might post again once I’ve tested out some of the other uses for the balm.

*Update: Whilst writing this post my boyfriend leaned over my shoulder and said "Oh, you’re writing about that green stuff. Um, I’ve been using that too". So from this we learn two more things: first, my boyfriend has been stealing my products from my bathroom cabinet, and second, it is apparently also great to use as an aftershave, as it is "nice and smooth"

Clean creds: 100% natural, 100% organic herbs, no parabens, no testing on animals, vegetarian, no artificial preservatives, no perfume.

Verdict: Not a product that I use every day, but a brilliant one to have around - it’s great as an emergency / everything balm, and I’ll definitely be taking it away with me when I travel.  

Buy it here (it will soon be launching in pharmacies across Australia too, so I will update when stockists are confirmed)

This product was sent to me as a PR sample

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