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REVIEW: Spiezia Organic Facial Cleanser

What: Hydrating, nourishing facial cleanser that can double as a deep cleansing mask

For: All skin types, but particularly dry or dehydrated skin

Review: September has been a difficult month for me. First, there was Odacite, which blew me away with their brilliant clean products, and now Spiezia has come along - another high-performing, skin-transforming range. I am not exaggerating when I say that both Odacite and Spiezia have visibly improved my skin tone - a few friends came over for dinner last night and the first thing they commented on was my “glowing” skin.

This cleanser by Spiezia is absolutely devine as it gives a really deep down clean but leaves skin feeling incredibly moisturised and hydrated, to the point where I don’t really feel I need to add moisturiser (but I do, because I am a product junkie). Many of the products in the Spiezia range appear to have a similar texture - a little like ear wax to be brutally honest. But it definitely doesn’t smell like ear wax (gross), it has a pleasant & subtle fresh, ‘herbally’ rather than floral smell (the cleanser has eucalyptus and clove oil so I suspect that’s what makes it smell that way). Because it’s a sort of waxy, balm-like texture you only need a tiny pea-sized amount for a very effective cleanse. Spiezia suggest leaving the cleanser on for two minutes while you’re in the shower or even leaving it on a little longer as a cleansing/hydrating mask, so as soon as I jump in the shower I usually pop the cleanser on and rinse it off just before I get out. It can also be used to remove makeup (including eye makeup) so it’s a fantastic all rounder. Skin feels very soft to touch after using this and has a nice natural glow, even before using any face oils or moisturiser. 

Clean creds: 100% natural and organic (Soil Association Organic Standard), 100% recyclable packaging, no animal testing (this extends to Spiezia’s suppliers too), no parabens, no synthetic fragrances, no silicones, no mineral oils, no phthalatesAll Spiezia products are handmade on a farm in Cornwall.

Verdict: Highly highly highly recommend. I love all of Spiezia’s products but if you’re just going to try one from the range, I think the cleanser is the star product. 

Buy it here - at the moment you get a bonus sample moisturiser & organic cotton flannel when you buy the 50ml cleanser. 

This product was sent to me as a PR sample

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