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CLEAN EATS: I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

Okay, this isn’t strictly a ‘beauty’ post - but ever since I did a 3 day juice cleanse a few months ago I am absolutely convinced of the very strong & immediate correlation between a good diet and good skin. I already knew this to some extent, of course, but I was still taken aback by how my skin was totally transformed after 3 days of drinking vitamin-rich, sugar free juices. My skin was clear and glowing - and the texture was unlike anything I could ever achieve even with a multitude of serums & moisturisers - soft, smooth and plump. So on that note, I’ve recently purchased a short (41 page) e-book by one of my favourite bloggers, Sarah Wilson, that has an 8-week plan to quit sugar. I’m doing this both to improve my health generally and to make me more conscious of what I eat, and also to really test the effect of a sugar-free diet on my skin. I don’t think I eat that much sugar on a daily basis, but it’s the hidden sugar in sauces and processed foods (especially low-fat foods) that I will really concentrate on eliminating. Of course it will be hard to say no to delicious desserts, but Sarah’s book seems to ease you into it really gently and has some great tips & tricks to get you through the sugar-detox process. 

If you’re interested in reading more about cutting sugar from your diet, click here to view more details about Sarah Wilson’s e-book (she also has great recipes on her blog).

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