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REVIEW: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

What: Exfoliating mask that brightens & evens skintone. 

For: All skin types, and can even be used on sensitive skin. 

Review: This mask was recently awarded ‘Best in Beauty’ by Allure magazine - and it’s easy to see why. I’ve never used a mask quite like this: it has a strange jelly like consistency that applies like a cooling gel which tightens as it dries. And this is where I should warn you that you will look like an extra from The Real Housewives of [Insert your choice of major city], as you will get a little glimpse into what you would look like with a too-tight facelift. But for me that’s all part of the fun!

According to Tata Harper’s website, pomegranate enzymes elimatinate dull & blemished skin cells, pink French clay deeply cleanses the pores, tones & moisturises the skin, removes dead skin cells and cleanses dirt, and white willow extra gently exfoliates & relieves red skin and refreshes the look of the skin. My skin feels fresher & brighter after using the mask, and the texture is incredibly smooth and refined. I find that any blemishes appear to be ‘smoothed’ over after using the mask and it seems to speed up the healing process and reduce redness. Use it once or twice a week - I especially like to use it just before applying makeup as foundation practically glides on after using this. 

And if you need any further convincing, just look at the gorgeous fresh-faced glow of Miss Harper herself. Seriously beautiful (and slightly unfair really): 

Clean creds: 100% natural, non-toxic, synthetic chemical-free ingredients, paraben-free.

Verdict: A nice mask to add to your skincare routine. I think of this mask like a ‘reset’ button - when everything becomes too clogged up, too slow, too congested, I pop this on to instantly refresh & restore skin. 

Buy it here or here

This product was sent to me as a PR sample. 

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