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REVIEW: Dr Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel & Nourishing Treatment Oil

What: A skin calming gel and replenishing facial oil. 

For: Skin that is breaking out and/or generally awful. 

Review: I don’t usually review more than one product at once, but this little duo is what saves my skin when it has the nasty combination of both breaking out and feeling dry and undernourished. This usually happens when I’m burning the candle at both ends, and the endless cycle of Christmas parties and end of year festivities has certainly had an impact on my skin.

I use the gel & oil both in the morning and at night. The gel is deliciously soothing and calming, cool to touch and sinks into skin instantly. As it is antibacterial it works on clearing up blemishes and preventing new ones, but doesn’t leave skin feeling cracked and dry like many blemish creams can. I then apply the oil over the gel and it is lovely and hydrating: when I wake up in the morning my skin always looks much more refreshed and glowing, and plumps up fine lines. It works really nicely under makeup too - just leave about 15 minutes for it to absorb fully before applying any foundation. 

Clean creds: All ingredients used in Dr Alkaitis products are edible & 100% organic. That’s right, this stuff is so clean it’s literally good enough to eat! 

Verdict: My skin saviours that I have on hand when the silly season gets a bit too silly. They’ve reached ‘can’t live without them’ status. 

*These products were sent to me as PR samples. 

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