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What product and brand may I use to keep my face without acne? I've been ussing the Clean & Clear line and it usually works, except when I'm in "those" days... stupid hormones. got any suggestion?

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I’d recommend adding a clay mask to your routine when you’re feeling hormonal. I find that it usually prevents severe breakouts and any blemishes I do get clear up more quickly. I use the Gunilla of Sweden Clay Mask but there are heaps of similar masks out there - try to look for products with high content organic ingredients!

I’d also recommend weaning off the Clean & Clear products if you can, as they are incredibly drying & strip the skin of its natural oils which can lead to more break outs. You could try picking up a cheap jar of coconut oil from your local health food shop and using that as a cleanser & moisturiser instead - it’s antibacterial & so good for your skin! 

Hope that helps x 

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