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BASICS: Organising Makeup

Today’s clean beauty post isn’t about the parabens - instead, it’s all about the presentation. That’s right, we’re organising our beauty stashes. Banish bedraggled makeup bags and be inspired by these chic ideas for beautiful organisation - you’ll be lining up your lipsticks in no time.  


Even the most chaotic collection looks manicured when arranged on an elegant tray:



Liners, glosses, brushes - all perfect for storing in pretty jars: 



Ready made or repurposed - letter holders make great storage for eyeshadow and bronzer palettes: 



Tuck it all away inside a neatly divided drawer:


Best of the rest

Teacups to store bits and bobs, buckets of nail polish, and beaded bags of beauties? Yes please. 



Check out Anthropologie’s ‘House & Home’ collection for interesting & affordable trays, trinket boxes and tumblers, or get to the flea markets to buy mismatched patterned tea cups & recycled jam jars. If you live in Australia, Howard’s Storage World has a good selection of makeup caddies. Also keep an eye on eBay and Etsy as interesting things usually pop up there! 

Image credits and more inspiration here

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