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RMS Living Luminizer

What: Luminizer, highlighter, waker-upper, heaven in a pot. 

For: Every cheek and browbone out there. 

How: I like to pat the Luminizer over my cheekbones and browbones after I apply foundation, and before I apply (cream) blush. It also works over cream eyeshadow to add a nice glowy sheen. I’ve read that some people use it like a lip gloss but it seems a little too dry to work on my lips. 

Result: Very natural dewy gloss. This isn’t a shimmery ‘going out’ type highlighter - it works for just an everyday glow & looks super natural. 

Buy: from RMS Beauty website -

The Verdict: This is probably one of the most pure cosmetics you can buy. Clean, easy to use, and does exactly what is says - 10/10.

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