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RADAR: Crazy as a Coconut

I recently bought a big ol’ jar of coconut oil after articles espousing its benefits seemed to pop up all over the internet. Never one to ignore what the cyberworld tells me, I decided to test the claims of coconut oil’s moisturising, makeup removing powers. The results? Coconut oil is the hardest working product out there! I’ve listed below some of the things I’ve been using coconut oil for:

  • Makeup removal: The simplest, cleanest, easiest way to move ALL makeup (including eye makeup and waterproof makeup). Simply warm a little oil in your hands and then emulsify over skin, and gently swipe over eyelashes and lids to remove mascara and eyeliner in a flash. Remove using a muslin cloth with warm water. 
  • Hair conditioner: When hair is looking a little lackluster I run some oil through the ends of my hair and leave in a bun overnight. Rinse the next morning for super soft, super shiny hair! 
  • Moisturising mask: As it’s winter in Australia my skin has been quite dehydrated, so when I have some time in the morning I slather oil over my face and décolletage and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. Instant hydration with a lingering tropical scent! 
  • With green tea: Miranda Kerr adds a little coconut oil to her green tea each day to ingest its health benefits. I add a teeny drop to a cup of green tea and it adds a beautiful subtle flavour (I’m still waiting on my transformation into Ms. Kerr, however). 
  • Aftershave: My boyfriend has sensitive, reactive skin (not to mention a sensitive, reactive girlfriend) so he smoothes some coconut oil over his face after shaving and reports that it is immediately calming and soothing. 
  • To refresh makeup: At the end of the day when makeup is looking a little flat, I press a tiny amount of oil over cheek and browbones to lift makeup and illuminate skin. The trick is to use a minimal amount and to just press it onto skin - don’t rub or this will take off makeup (see tip 1 above!). 
  • If anyone else has tips on how they use coconut oil in their beauty routine I would love to hear from you! 

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