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REVIEW: Franc Essential Serum

What: A hydrating, replenishing, nourishing serum to use once a day under moisturiser.

For: Dry, damaged skin, or skin that generally needs to perk up. 

Review: A sample sachet of Franc Essential serum arrived in my letterbox when my skin was supremely dehydrated, breaking out from late nights and stress, and generally looking pretty awful. I was skeptical when I read of the serum’s promise to “bring new life to skin”, because I thought anything that would take care of the dullness and dryness would be too rich for my acne prone skin. But Franc proved me wrong. From the moment I applied it, my skin felt so nourished and and instantly got the ‘glow’ back - and it looked great under makeup. It has a gorgeous sandalwood scent that I found really comforting, especially for cold winter nights, but I think it would also be great to apply to hot sun-exposed skin at the end of a day at the beach. I used a few drops every morning and night for about 2 weeks (a little goes a long way), and the serum took care of the dryness and generally awfulness of my skin, and to my surprise sped up the healing of my spots and no new ones appeared while I was testing it. I was very upset when my little packet of Franc ran out because it was just such a lovely all round serum! Maybe I’ll name my first born after him… 

Clean creds: Made from premium natural ingredients,  100% free of sulphate, artificial fragrances and colours, parabens, mineral oils and petrochemicals, thickeners, fillers, foaming or bulking agents and animal derivatives.

Verdict: At $72 (AUD) it’s not cheap, but I think the 50ml bottle would last for ages. I highly recommend the serum - beautiful smelling, hard working, and delivers on its promises! 

Buy from here.

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